Weisberg International

Who Are They?

In the 1930s-40s, the Weisberg Corporation made their fortunes selling machinery, schematics, and working financial records for the Nazis, and spun these ill-gotten gains into further riches throughout the years. Never opting to put themselves in the spotlight thanks to their nefarious beginnings, Weisberg GmbH (now Weisberg International) silently grew into a behemoth in multiple sectors, particularly in finances.

What Do They Want?

Their motivations differ according to one’s perspective. According to their own mission statement, they desire the expansion of their operations to a truly global scale, incorporating multiple (all) countries’ economies into a single avenue of fast, secure trading.

Their detractors liken them to the Borg of industry. Critics cite them for a practice they call ‘Conquer, Assimilate, Expand’. They certainly have no problems buying a company, gutting it, and disposing of ‘the excess’, but such is business, right?

The tin-foilers go beyond even this. They claim the Weisbergs never lost their ideology of racial supremacy, and aim to conquer the world and rid it of ‘pests’ through the use of the technology businesses they command. Still darker theories persist that the Weisbergs hunt for sorcerous artifacts as well—and that their loyalties lie not with Aryan Supremacy but some other criteria…

Notable Members

The New Sentinels have not had any run-in with current members of the Weisberg company. What follows is a brief list of past, high-ranking affiliates.

  • General Vosk: A powerful mutant who regulated his power fluctuations through the use of an advanced technological power suit

Weisberg International

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