The Vagabonds

Who Are They?

Relative newcomers to the New York City gang-scene, the Vagabonds are a territorial bunch that adhere to some very old-fashioned and fantastical traditions. Counting sorcerers and supernatural threats amongst their ranks, the Vagabonds’ goals lie more with magical artifacts than simple drug peddling, but they’re definitely not above breaking the law if it in some way expedites a new toy or spell falling into their grasp.

What Do They Want?

Magical power and more of it. The Vagabonds care for money and territory only as means to an end, though individuals may vary. They also are among the least outright antagonistic of the factions, historically; the New Sentinels have worked with several members in the past, for instance, and continue to deal with select members in limited capacity.

Notable Members

* Leadership

  • Morganna Lafie: A conniving witch who never lets anyone see her full plan, secret leader of the Vagabonds
  • The Council
    • The Black Knight: An ambition-driven businessman with a magical sword
    • The Warlock: A magic-using bull of a man whose greed lead to his downfall

* Soldiers

  • Berserkr: A sword-wielding Scandinavian werewolf that helps the Sentinels—for a price
  • Circe: A seductive sorceress and Morganna’s newest apprentice
  • Hamad, Llesh’s Vessel: A now-deceased young man with a hell of a stomach bug
  • The Huntress: An eco-terrorist turned murderer turned mercenary, now employed by the Vagabonds
  • Prince of Thieves: An Arabian Knight with countless stolen artifacts
  • The Troll: Nasty, brutish, ugly, and really, really tall

The Vagabonds

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