Who Are They?

At its core, the SFU is an organization devoted to helping the average anomalous citizen navigate the hazards of modern society. Where the two subfactions of SFU split is on the question of the nature of that modern society mutants and other anomalous citizens find themselves in.

What Do They Want?

Hiram’s supporters work towards peaceful integration, accepting that mutants and normal humans need to live in peace, working together towards a unified future. A more hardline subfaction headed by accused-terrorist Chris Cassidy fights for a segregated and mutant-headed future—by whatever means prove necessary.

Notable Members

Until accord is reached on a group split (Cassidy’s faction is older, Hiram’s more publically accepted), the SFU technically comprises two groups that agree on a (very) fundamental level yet clash wildly on goals and their implementation.

* The Good Guys

  • Hiram Yuesh: A shapeshifting man whose natural optimism, pacifism, and hope hasn’t wavered after some recent long-term psychological torture
  • Thurgood: A small-time public defender who doesn’t need to sleep
  • Marsha: His wife, possesses the earth-shattering mutation of perfect taste
  • Janet: An old hippy with the soothing powers of song
  • Kingsley: A bald, overweight investor who is able to instantaneously read and recall texts
  • Volt: Once a student at the Academy, now Volt is a young punk with an electric chain

* The Inbetweener

  • Speed Freek: A speedy young man with torn allegiances and a broken heart

* The Not-So-Good-Guys

  • Chris Cassidy: A scarred, intense man with powerful gravity-controlling powers
  • Johnny: Mouse’s muscle-packing brother with unbreakable skin
  • Abyss: A soulless-eyed waif that’s seen too much and willing to share it
  • Dread: A no-nonsense mercenary with control over her super-dense skeleton


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