The Sentinels Academy

Who Are They?

Young metahumans and other anomalous-class citizens were sought out by the previous roster of the Sentinels in the early 2070s in order to train the next generation of guardians, then gathered in one location on the Sentinels Academy Campus to begin honing their skills, bodies, and minds. Though the Academy itself was destroyed in 2072 and many of the remaining students disbanded, a few remain to further their path towards being a hero.

What Do They Want?

They want training, respect, caring and moral teachers, and much cooler transportation than minivans. Also their school grounds back after all those explosions. Also to be Sentinels. Greedy, aren’t they?

Notable Members

* Past Students

  • Ignition: An ex-military man plagued by nightmares and pyrokinesis
  • Lumen: An introverted young girl that sheds a bright light
  • The Other: A middle-aged man whose crisis is a vampiric energy drain touch
  • Volt: A rebellious punk with lots of piercings and an electrified chain

* Current Students

  • Captain Mindfreak: A young psionic who models his life after Captain Spectacular (’s movies)
  • Herald: A responsible kid that talks to the monsters in her closet

The Sentinels Academy

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