The Sentinels

Who Are They?

Since their debut in 2032, the Sentinels have been a powerful force for good in the world. Fighting crime on somewhat larger scales than your average bank robbery, they proved time and time again that when big threats reared their ugly head, someone would be there to strike those threats back down. There have been a few roster shake-ups over the years, but their core goal remains the same.

What Do They Want?

To fight crime, save the world, and ensure a brighter tomorrow. As an organization, this is the extent of their mission statement, though of course many of their individual members retain and pursue their own particular goals. Now that a severe shake-up in the leader- and member-ship of the Sentinels has occurred, the world looks on to see what goals they will chase next.

Notable Members

Founding Members

  • Arthur Davenport: A super-spy turned administrative mastermind, Davenport gathered and deployed the first successful Sentinels mission (Deceased)
  • Astra: The Sentinels’ foreign affairs liaison and resident electricity-controlling speedster (Whereabouts unknown)
  • The Black Hood: A sneaky vigilante whose ruthlessness was only outmatched by her training (Deceased)
  • Captain Spectacular: A vainglorious man gifted with the incredible powers of flight, strength, durability, and extremely marketable face (It’s Complicated)
  • Dr Jung: A brilliant psychologist, merciless ethics teacher, and unethically powerful psychic (Deceased)
  • Lady Liberty: Wielding the Flagstaff of Our Forefathers, she fought tirelessly for Truth and Justice (Departed)

Previous Members

  • Faust: A man made a deal with a devil and almost came out ahead (Deceased)
  • Hercules the Mighty: A man of strong body and heart with an awesome van (Deceased)
  • The Veil: A wizard bearing a shadowy amulet once under the tutelage of Morganna Lafie (Departed)
  • The White Rose: Black Hood’s successor and slightly unhinged pursuer of justice (Departed, Arrested)

Current Roster

  • The Collective: A robot piloted by a democracy of AIs (Shut Down)
  • Ruby Rex: An archeologist whose discovery of a magical artifact lead him to crime fighting (Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Siren: A telepathic would-be actress working on her combat suite (training)
  • Spider: A reclusive MMO-player that sometimes hacks and gathers intel for some supers (Whereabouts Unknown)

Team Justice

  • Justice: A man dedicated to overcoming his non-anomalous handicap and competing in the big leagues
  • Kitastrophe: A street urchin who keeps his feet on the ground
  • Kryonik: A warm-hearted Russian man of ice
  • Miss Dischord: A teenage heiress with amazing vocals
  • Paladin: A serious, moral teenager with a plan

Team Laser

  • Flicker: A street urchin turned super hero thanks to her super strength, teleportation, and voracious appetite for justice
  • Lady Hell: A single mom with a hell of a fiery disposition
  • Titan: A metal-skinned man trying out for the varsity super squad
  • Xerox: A copycat with a secret power source

The Sentinels

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