The Mafia

Throughout history Italian crime families have controlled vice distribution from both behind the throne and openly, and the modern era is no different.

Who Are They?

Extended ‘families’ of criminals, thugs, conmen, smugglers, masterminds, and so forth organizing themselves into cells operating within certain territories. While many belong to the same biological family, the Family in proper terms welcomes new members based on merit as well.

What Do They Want?

Simply put, money. Vice trade and protection rackets make for a hefty sum of green, and the local Family, the Salvatores, aim to control it all. While their personal feelings lend themselves towards the anti-anomalous, they have worked with mutants and other anomalies on heists in the past.

Notable Members


  • Dom Salvatore: An old man entering into his twilight mindful of his succession; he works closely with Giuseppe to ensure his son leads the Family well
  • Giuseppe Salvatore: An ambitious man entering into his middle years—willful, proud, and unfailingly polite


  • Kenneth ‘the Kettle’ Costello: A West-Coast Family heir visiting the Big Apple. Could his legendary temper gotten him in trouble in Vegas?


  • Anthony Macciatti: A jobber who was interrogated by the Jr. Sentinels for information on a heist, then ‘disappeared’

The Mafia

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