The Jade Empire

Who Are They?

A sort of meta-organization, the Jade Empire is a collection of trans-Asiatic groups and organizations coming under the purview of a single ruling council, populated by representatives from each member group. Decidedly villainous, they wield power on a sliding scale of openness depending on the country or location one looks at, but their fingers can always be felt tugging on the strings.

What Do They Want?

Primarily the Empire is concerned with making money and continuing to grow their levels of influence and control across the entirety of Asia. They seek members and groups appealing to their member themes, excluding the possibility of any that do not come from such a wellspring. They concern themselves with a broad interpretation of Asia—the mythology, tropes, and borders thereof—and to hell with the outside world.

Unless, of course, the outside world bears relevant info or artifacts they desire. Second on their list of goals is the expansion of technology, magic, and other secrets that would increase their power.

Notable Members

With such a wide area of power and vast pool of members, compiling a list of notable Empire members in its entirety would be a daunting if not impossible task. The following is a list of local (New York) members of this infamous empire.

  • Daiichi Buzoku: A hard, old-school Yakuza with an unflinching discipline
  • Dao: An aged martial-artist with a powerful control over kinetic forces
  • Dr Feng Po: A symbiote-bound scientist working for a cure
  • Lei-Zi: A professional ‘cleaner’ with a shocking secret
  • Naga: A slippery character that binds water and weather to his will
  • Onikaze: A cybernetically-enhanced bearer of a mystic sword and armor
  • Soldier X: A former-Sentinel in a powersuit turned back to his old ways

The Jade Empire

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