The Dosers


Who Are They?

A cabal of fanatically loyal drug users addicted to a super-chem known as Mut-X. By injecting this chemical or taking it in pill form, they gain the temporary use of super powers and an extreme euphoria, although time off the drug carries with it a severe degenerative penalty. Their minds also appear to be heavily affected as well, being instilled with a heavy sense of loyalty to their Leader.

What Do They Want?

The heavy users are essentially mind-slaves for the enigmatic Leader, and even the light users and newcomers speak of him with slavish admiration. Their desires seem to be to obtain more of his drugs, and they lose a shocking number of ethical and moral safeguards when it comes to getting more.

Notable Members

  • The Leader: a super-chemist with an odd ability to create duplicates of himself, which he can sense, act, and live through at an unknown distance, as well as decommission into a sludge-like state.
  • Permanent Dosers
    • The Amalgamation: When you put your minds together, you can accomplish anything
    • The Behemoth: Like the murderous oak grown from the innocent acorn
    • Eel: An aquatic mutate with an oily personality
    • Frost: A cryokineticist with polar bear DNA adding to his already-powerful strength
    • Hive: An insectile woman with powerful influence over bees and wasps
    • Megadome: A massive head with powerful telekinetic powers and tiny, atrophied limbs
    • Scales: A ferocious anthropomorphic lizard-man
    • Wildebeest: Tall, powerful, and given the proportionate smarts of a wildebeest
  • Other Dosers
    • Elasto: A cocksure and sleazy common criminal turned into an elastic nightmare
    • Jet: Benjy, a previous member of the SFU and personal friend to Flicker

The Dosers

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