This page is an alphabetized listing of the various groups and organizations in our game world, briefly summarized and tagged according to their nature.

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The AES: A now defunct organization of anti-government mutants, the Advanced Evolutionary Society led open revolt against the United States government in New York City in 2032, but were foiled by a group of anomalous heroes that would later become the Sentinels.

The Dosers: A NYC-based street gang lead by a brilliant chemist known only as the Leader. Its members are veritable slaves to their pharmeceutical master, relying on him for those precious doses of Mut-X that give them temporary super powers at the cost of a little mental degeneration.

The Jade Empire: An international crime syndicate based primarily in Asia, the Empire is comprised of a multi-national collection of criminal organizations overseen by a shadowy council. Their presence in NYC is a worrying sign of expansion from a normally reclusive organization.

The Mafia: This conglomeration of crime families is famous the world over, even in our time. The primary family present in NYC are the Salvatores, but they remain close friends and allies with the Costellos, a West Coast family headed by a dangerously volatile man.

The Sentinels: A superhero group based in New York City, the Sentinels’ roster has evolved over the years, but their purpose has remained steadfast: to protect the people of the city and the world at large from the most dangerous threats.

The Sentinels Academy: Young heroes and heroines in training under the guidance of the Sentinels. While the program is now temporarily on hold, who knows what the future might hold.

The SFU: The Society for the Unrepresented, a hush-hush group of anomalous-sympathizers and supporters. Given their prolictivity to hiding from the law and society at large, they are looked at quite suspiciously for their involvement in illegal or unethical affairs. However, they are also famous for their involvement with Anomalies and their families, providing support that might not otherwise be found, and staging peaceful protests and rallies in favor of anomalous-rights. These two sub-factions threaten to split the organization as a whole.

The Vagabonds: A relatively new group making a power play in NYC, the Vagabonds are a group of villains based around a common, fantastical theme, whose interests include mysterious objects hidden away in impossible to acquire lockboxes, as well as your general artifacts and magical secrets.

Weisberg International: Nazi-era war profiteers that had not given up their twisted dream. Their operations in the modern age appear to be primarily in the financial sector. The death of their leader, General Vosk, has tamed them in the past twenty years.


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