Lady Hell (Elyse Fielding)

After serving as a spy for the devilish Mr. Sharp, will this diabolical manipulator be able to straighten up and fly right?


Lady Hell Character Sheet

Power Set
Flight, Hellfire Resistance, Hellfire blast, Hell’s Chains, Infernal Smog, Retina Scorch

Notable Skills/Advantages
Teamwork, Improved Aim, Magic Clothes, Well-Informed

Physical Description
Age: 23
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 133lbs.
Skin: White
Eyes: Faint Red
Hair: Chesnut Brown
Notable Features: Tattoo across her collar reading, in small print, “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”


Born in Montana to a lower-middle-class family, Elyse’s young life was marred by the death of her two siblings, Kathy and Simon, when the elementary school they all attended burned down. Elyse, one of the few students to escape the inferno, didn’t learn either what caused the fire or how she managed to survive it, and to this day the small-town blaze remains shrouded in mystery. Her parents withdrew into a perpetual state of mourning, leaving Elyse to fend for herself and take care of her own interests at a tender age. Perhaps the timing of this tragedy, more than anything else, made the small Elyse appreciate the value of wit, intellect, knowledge and subtlety over any other form of power. As a young adult, she dabbled in a variety of white-collar crimes, ultimately landing herself (through a combination of natural proclivity and blackmail) in a philosophy program in a prestigious institute in England. While there, she met a man who called himself Mr. Sharp and offered to aid in her life of rather high-brow crime. They got on quite well, romantically, even, until, of course, he revealed his true identity and goals. A devil of immense power, Sharp asked Elyse to absorb a demon’s power, infiltrate the Sentinels Academy, and serve as his spy. Her motivation for doing so came in the form of the three children Sharp had (through an admittedly nefarious blend of biology and magic) first helped place in then extracted from the oblivious Elyse. Despite her necessary rage at his betrayal and her concern for the children, the adventurer in Elyse was more intrigued than upset: it was an impressive plan, an exciting prospect, and the demon powers Sharp gave her by slaying a mighty, spider-y hellbeast suited her just fine.

At the Academy itself, however, Elyse grew close to her fellow students and teammates. Bringing the organization to its knees lost some of its thrilling appeal. Unfortunately, Sharp still help her children captive, so Elyse carried on with his plan to open a Hell gate and set the Apocalypse in motion. Immediately upon the recovery of her children at the gate, however, Elyse turned against the forces of hell, sending them to their doom against a behemoth attacking New York City. The New Sentinels, now a highly compromised, weakened organization, tentatively agreed to let Elyse remain a part of the team.

Current Events
Nowadays Elyse is trying her best to play nice with the other Sentinels while raising her three super-powered children, Jade, Grim and Bernard. Despite striving to earn the trust of her fellow supers again, Elyse refuses to give up her old tricks. Sufficiently concerned with EAGLE operations, she obtained a position in their organization, and even without decent security clearance, she’s gathering what information she can. She’s been trying to convince the other Sentinels to accept Jade, Grim and Bernard as viable supers-in-training, but the devilish origins of her semi-human children has thus far proven too much of a deterrent. She has also hardened her heart, so to speak, against “divine” powers of good. The Sentinels could attribute this attitude to the “condemnation” of her and the children by the self-styled, angelic Gabriel, but Elyse also holds resentment towards what she sees as one source of Sharp’s desperation to escape a cosmic plan. As if that weren’t enough trouble, she’s been on the lookout for the Widow, a demon spider who despises her for indirectly causing her mate’s death when Sharp gifted Elyse with her powers. Speaking of which, Elyse also gave up a beloved part of her power set, the ability to transform into an imposing hellcat, to Morganna the sorceress and has been eager to recover it ever since. Not too much has been going right for Elyse lately, but she thrives on the pressure and immensely enjoys the detective/manipulative work that comes with being a superhero of her caliber.

Primary Descriptors: Manipulative, Collected, Protean, Focused, Secretive, Cunning, Power-hungry, Loyal (to a privileged few)
If Elyse came to the Academy a manipulative, power-hungry individualist with ambiguous morals, she’s turned into a manipulative, power-hungry, wanna-be leader with a much more concrete system of morals (if not ethics). Being constantly in contact with avatars of honor, valor and community, aside from making her feel like a feature in a Saturday morning kids’ cartoon, actually rubbed off on her in a good way. In addition, contemplating parenthood, founded on the very genuine love she feels for her children, caused her to shed the more extreme individualistic tendencies of her young adult self. Now, she would be perfectly willing to use her rather cavalier disregard of antiquated concepts like “justice” and “laws,” not simply for personal gain or to meet selfish goals, but to further social progress. In a nutshell, if she used to be a social Darwinist, she’s gradually picked up a (still not at all democratic) value system of noblesse oblige, which, incidentally, doesn’t encourage her to completely quash the leadership goals Sharp instilled in their kiddies. Admittedly, this value system is aided, not impeded, by her consistent delight in outsmarting or outmaneuvering others.

Important Relationships
Mouse: Numerous upsets in the jokingly-named “Team Laser” lineup has left Lady Hell and Flicker the only two enduring members of the original team, and they’re close as a result. Elyse feels a good deal of protective affection for the younger women, not to mention a hearty respect for her impressive teleportation abilities. Flicker, Elyse can attest, hits pretty hard.

Dr. Ines Amara: An EAGLE researcher, and her boss, Elyse’s relationship with Amara has so far been purely professional. Elyse has also been trying to walk that fine line between getting caught snooping aroun EAGLE and not learning anything at all.

The Kids: Grim, Bernard and Jade Fielding were at the heart of Elyse’s betrayal of her friends, and only an intense love and extreme devotion could have been the indirect cause of such treachery. Elyse wants the kids to learn to use their powers, and she’s struggling to instill her own moral system into the hell-spawn. Jade, the psychic, has been receptive of Elyse’s lessons about the human realm, if only because she possesses a sharp intellect. Grim, whose destructive powers are based on soundwave manipulation, doesn’t talk much, and is rather hard to read. Bernard’s fiery powers match his fiery personality, and his exuberance can be difficult to contain.

Sharp: Sure he kidnapped her children, threatened her comrades, and heralds the apocalypse, but Elyse’s love, once won, isn’t easily lost. She buys Sharp’s picture of himself as a cog fatally bound to a cosmic wheel and would help him extract himself from the clutch of destiny…if that extraction didn’t involve the end of the world. Though she doesn’t like admitting it to herself, she wouldn’t like to see him come to harm, and, try as she might to disentangle herself from his scheming, she remembers their time together with sentimental fondness.

Sergei: As drinking-age members of the Jr. Sentinels, Elyse and Sergei got close through the coterie of Academy bar hoppers and, despite being as different as fire and ice, grew quite friendly. Based on a tip from Sharp, Elyse used Sergei’s warming feelings for her against him. She hoped his predisposition would prompt him to believe her suggestion that the Sentinels were susceptible to mind control and, sure enough, Sergei kept Robert off her back for a while during the Hellgate escapade. She’s been feeling pretty rotten about that little stunt ever since. Of course, she has naturally been much more estranged from everyone since the revelation of her double-agent status. When it comes to Sergei, though, as if guilt weren’t enough to live with, and despite his naivete, lack of ambition and easygoing gregariousness, Elyse quietly harbors some warm feelings herself.

Isaiah: A rocky start gives way to a rocky continuation. Isaiah initially shunned (even sort of assaulted) Elyse due to her demonic origins but later, feeling guilty, extended a friendly hand of reconciliation. Then, of course, his suspicions proved well grounded and now Isaiah serves, loosely, as Elyse’s in-house parole officer. Elyse has hinted to Isaiah that she knows his “little secret,” and his divine powers and heavenly contacts make her intensely anxious. On top of that, as the serving leader of the Sentinels, Isaiah’s morals and goals threaten to clash with her own. Theirs is one powder keg of a friendship.

Lady Hell (Elyse Fielding)

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