The New Sentinels

Season 4, Episode 4 - Public Property
In Which We Reserve an Adventure Log Post


Season 4, Episode 3 - Settling A Score
In Which We Add Another Accent to the Roster

Scene 1
Arriving home after a long night of stopping riots and saving brainwashed guitarists from microwave bombs, Elyse finds a strange car outside her apartment and a stranger to match. Once her mother enters the apartment, Jade leaps up from her seat on the couch and runs into the back room, yelling that the man on the couch had taken Bernard and Grim. A brief struggle ensued after Mouse was called in, but the misunderstanding soon became apparent: Jacques Broussard was filling in for Isaiah on behalf of the Guardians, and Jade’s screams were but lies and an attempt to make her mother worry in retaliation for being out all night without calling.

Broussard promises to leave Sentinel business to the Sentinels, but shares that he’s currently working on tracking down what he believes to be a werewolf on a string of brutal murders, escalating with the waxing moon. Though he professes to preferring a non-fatal solution to these things, the tally marks on his hot rod suggest he’s got some experience in felling many supernatural threats.

Scene 2
Meeting later that evening (after a long nap for Team Laser) at Sentinels HQ, the group comes to learn that Noah was ‘successful’ in mentally imprisoning Megadome, albeit with the result of rendering the enormously headed psychic comatose. The group’s discussions revolved around checking up on Kurt, currently hospitalized; Jacques and the werewolf problem; and congratulations to Noah on a job well done.

Scene 3
The hunt for Sven soon followed. Being the only werewolfish creature in town, it made sense to start with the hunter-warrior, but the sword-bearing berserker proved too difficult to track down. Team Laser learned from the Black Knight that Sven was not scheduled to fight for a week, well after the next full moon, and that his whereabouts were currently unknown. Given their shared affiliation with the Vagabonds, though, the group instead believed the Knight to be hiding something. Opting to call Sven, he answered in curt whispers only that he would call them back later. Refusing to meet them then, even after warnings of potentially being hunted for crimes committed, he would only accept meeting the following day at noon. Suspicions growing, the group decided thereafter to turn to other problems…

Scene 4
Soldier X’s stalking and threats proved to be too tempting a bait, so Team Laser committed to hunting down and stopping his reign of terror. First attempts to get Johnny’s side of the SFU to patrol Elyse’s neighborhood failed; Mouse’s brother refused to help the hellish Sentinel on grounds of being outside his territory as well as unelaborated upon dislike for the Sentinels as a group. Back at the Arena beneath Paddy’s, they were able to convince Simon (calling himself Speed Freek) to keep an eye out on Elyse’s apartments instead of fighting that night—a decision greatly helped by the brutal ending to the fight before his.

In the meantime, Team Laser turned the search for Masahiro toward Chinatown, using their unpracticed detective skills to bribe a street vendor for info on popular Jade Empire hangout spots. Infiltration into the Golden Dragon restaurant thereafter proved… too stressful and resulted in an abrupt teleportation into the lobby. The commotion reached Daiichi Buzoku’s attention in his private penthouse dining room, and the Yakuza boss extended an invite their way. Tense negotiation followed, with the elder Buzoku accepting a trade: Sage’s earth elemental powers, currently stored in a device of Ruby Rex’s, for Soldier X’s cessation of hostilities. Buzoku revealed that if his word was not enough to still the power-armored soldier’s anger, then the killswitch he had programmed into the armor would.

Other Important Happenings
Jade did not get ice cream. Bernard found some boogers. Grim said nothing. Jacques flirted relentlessly. The group went to see Kurt in the hospital and wish him a speedy recovery (and make sure he wasn’t… messed with by the Dosers). His blood work looked clean and he seemed to be on a speedy recovery, especially given his offer to train with Titan the next day. Elyse gave Sergei a bottle of expensive vodka.

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